In 2015 Sound Project expanded, opening a new creative space for audio and video production of larger-scale projects – Jeng studio.
Whether you have your own creative idea or want us to create and produce your video from scratch, you’re in the right place.
150m2 shooting and recording space, green screen, 2 audio units, 2 audio-video post-production units are waiting to bring your ideas to life.
We are keen on good music, we create it, we seek for it, we produce it, we film it.


SLNG - ИЗГуБЕН [Official Video]
Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ - ERDELEZI - official video
SLNG - ЛъжИ и Истини [Official Video]
Evelina Hristova - Rumeno Bela Nevesto
REWIND! - СЯКАШ СЪМ ТАМ (official video)
Vlado & REWIND! - ЛУД ПО ТЕБ (официално видео към филма „Защото обичам лошото време“)
Mariana Dobreva ft. Petko Slavov - ONCE UPON A TIME
SLNG ft. Bobo - Бели петна [Official video]
Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ - TUKE ME MERAV (I'm Dying For You) official video
Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/- Doko Doko - official video
Булгара – Караконджул/ Bulgara - Karakondjul
Alex Van Lazarov - Shadowplay by Fish (Drum Cover)
Vladdi - Need Your Hand
Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ - Shukar Devla - official video
Cinga Manga Funk /CMF/ - Djelem Djelem - official video


JENG studio is available for rental 24/7.
Ideal for film shoots, photography, broadcast multi-camera interviews, TV, commercials shoots, music video etc. The pavilion is also perfect for a full range of genres recording.
You can simply rent the space as it is, or we can assemble a crew for you so all you need at the end of the day is a hard drive to upload the footage.

We are here:

95 Tsar Asen St., Sofia, Bulgaria

+ 359 898 568 015

Contact us:

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